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Nature, biodiversity and green management

The camping area takes up about one third; grasslands, ponds, an orchard and many small landscape elements make up the rest. Especially the newly laid out orchard with fifty fruit trees, bordered by a mixed hedge, increases biodiversity.

An erratic and fast-flowing but very charming mountain stream flows through the entire estate, fed by springs a little higher up. Nearby, a diligent beaver is building a fortress. Large water ranunculus, dragonflies, amphibians and many other insects enjoy this blue wealth. In spring 2021, a foraging black stork was spotted, busy looking for something to eat for his young.

In the wet surroundings of the brook, cuckoo flowers, marsh forget-me-nots, meadowsweet, valerian and bald potato colour the spring and summer in abundance.

Many insects enjoy this richly varied feast.

More than forty species of birds have also been spotted. These include the kingfisher, cormorant, little grebe, tufted duck, bittern, heron, black stork, red kite, goldfinch and others.

The green management is adapted to the different biotopes. The campsite is managed more like a garden. In the remaining and largest part, phased mowing and pruning are applied. This avoids a detrimental clearing of fauna and flora.

A large herd of draught horses, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and poultry help to manage the grasslands. Some donkeys and alpacas also graze bravely.

Camping Trois Fontaines and its natural surroundings make it a very pleasant place to be for people, animals and plants.