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Yannic Ulens – 0499 22 28 44
Yoga teacher / Nutritionist
Social work assistant

Sigrid Ulens – 0494 92 11 17
Massage & Sono therapist

BAFA/D. (Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateurs et Directeur)


Prices without stay at campsite Troisfontaines €5 extra

Each massage is performed with specific homemade oil based on essential oils.

No erotic massages.

Speciale aanbieding wandelaars - fietsers 30'

  • Back massage € 30

    Removes tension and harmonises the back muscles.

  • Feetréflexology € 30

    A sense of well-being and general relaxation

  • Chair massage € 30

    Manual pressure point massage on an ergonomic chair, working on different points on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back. Relaxing, gives vitality.

  • Facial massage € 30

    Strengthens the tissue, revitalises and detoxifies.

  • Children massage € 25

    Children can also enjoy a beneficial massage. Just like adults, they too deserve a pampering moment to relax and unwind.

The offer is only valid after reservation

  • Relaxation massage (60')
    Relaxation massage (60') € 55

    A relaxation massage is a wonderful massage that makes you feel completely at ease. Life can be very stressful. These tensions can settle in your body unnoticed, causing cramped muscles, neck pain, headaches or stuck shoulders.

  • Swedish massage (60')
    Swedish massage (60') € 55

    With this classic form of massage, you will be massaged using a few basic techniques so that you can enjoy the necessary relaxation of body and mind. The pressure varies from light to strong and makes you feel reborn after the massage. A dynamic and energetic massage, strengthens the muscles.

  • Californian massage (60')
    Californian massage (60') € 55

    Relaxing massage, very gentle movements, eliminates stress and muscle tension. This massage stimulates the senses and relaxes stressed and overworked people.

  • Ayurvedic massage (60')
    Ayurvedic massage (60') € 55

    Total health of body and mind. Based on elements (water, fire, earth) energy points and Chakras. An Ayurvedic massage will focus on detoxifying the body and making you feel calmer and more balanced.

  • Foot reflexology (60')
    Foot reflexology (60') € 55

    Foot reflexology is a massage on specific pressure points in the feet. With this you achieve both mentally and emotionally a positive influence on a different place in the body.

  • Sports massage (60')
    Sports massage (60') € 60

    This massage ensures better circulation, supple muscles and a better removal of waste products such as lactic acid. Ideal after a walk or bike ride. Firm massage, can also be done with a fascia gun. This is a massage device to loosen muscles and stimulate blood flow.

  • Hot & cold stones (60')
    Hot & cold stones (60') € 60

    Reduces stress, increases circulation, soothes muscle tension and eliminates toxins, as well as releasing negative energies.

  • Bamboo massage (60')
    Bamboo massage (60') € 60

    With bamboo sticks as an extension of our hands, you will enjoy a blissful massage. It is a deep, warm relaxation massage. Ideal against everyday stress, as well as physical and emotional problems.

  • Stamp massage (60')
    Stamp massage (60') € 60

    A wonderful massage with warm herbal stamps. These stamps are relaxing, cleansing and activating herbs bundled in a cloth of natural linen and tied at the top with a string.

  • Sound - oil - massage (60')
    Sound - oil - massage (60') € 60

    During this sound relaxation on a monochord table, your body is massaged with essential oil. Sounds and vibrations of the different meditative instruments provide deep relaxation for your body and mind. All stress, pain and fatigue are released. The sounds help you do this, and this in combination with a massage.

  • Parent-child massage (30')
    Parent-child massage (30') € 25

    This massage is ideal to spend some time together with your child. When massaging the child, the parent is involved in order to discover child-friendly massage techniques. Massage on children brings inner peace in this society and develops self-confidence. It promotes concentration, increases self-awareness and thus brings children into balance.

  • Pregnant women (60')
    Pregnant women (60') € 60

    This massage helps the pregnant woman during her pregnancy. It gives a general relaxation of the body and mind and relieves back pain.

Pamper your loved one, friend, colleague with a gift voucher

  • Formula for 1 person (1h30)
    Formula for 1 person (1h30) € 75
  • Shower with scrub salt
  • Peignoir and towels
  • Massage 1h of your choice
  • Homemade oil
  • Aperitif and snack of the house


Group yoga (60')

Prices without stay at campsite Troisfontaines €5 extra

  • Parent & child yoga € 10
  • Childyoga € 10
  • Teenage yoga € 10
  • Pregnancy Yoga € 10
  • Mindfull Gentle yoga € 10
  • Yoga Nidra € 10

Yoga on demand (60')

Prices without stay at campsite Troisfontaines €5 extra

  • Parent & child yoga € 20
  • Childyoga € 15
  • Teenage yoga € 15
  • Pregnancy Yoga € 15
  • Mindfull Gentle yoga € 15
  • Yoga Nidra € 15
  • Group discount from 5p-10p € 50

Combi: Yoga + Massages (60')

Prices without stay at campsite Troisfontaines €5 extra

  • Children / Tienagers € 60
  • Adults € 60
  • Sound therapy (yoga with singing bowls) € 60
  • Combination 30' yoga en 30' massage € 45
  • Combination 60' yoga en 60' massage € 70

Alpaca (60')

  • Guided walk and cuddling in group from 10 persons € 90
  • Guided walk and cuddling on demand € 15 pp